Seraworx is pioneering advancements in serum that solve

the conventional challenges of using serum in biotherapy.

We convert these challenges into competitive advantages
with revolutionary serum products and sourcing strategies
that accelerate the development and manufacture of

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Devin Davis has over 15 years of experience as a serum entrepreneur and executive.  He is highly regarded in the industry for his understanding of serum dynamics, his transparent, consultative approach to helping serum users, and his integrity that builds trust and loyalty with customers and supply chain partners.


His experience includes founding the FBS supplier Seradigm—guiding its growth to becoming a leading global brand and eventually selling the company to VWR/Avantor.  Prior to founding Seradigm, he held progressive leadership positions at HyClone.  He has been a contributing member of the International Serum Industry Association and co-authored the article, “Fetal Bovine Serum: What You Should Ask Your Supplier and Why” found in Bioprocessing Journal, Spring 2014, Volume 13, Issue 1.


Director, Pharma/Biotech CDMO

We rely on the strategic insight provided by Seraworx to understand shifting market dynamics, assess risks and opportunities, and ensure supply security.

Study Director, Drug Discovery & Development CRO

Researchers can limit variation and be more confident of results in immunotherapy assays by using prequalified FBS from Seraworx.

CEO, Global Biomanufacturing Company

Seraworx’s ability to align customer requirements and supply chain priority in support of biotherapy development and manufacturing is singular in the serum industry.

VP, Raw Material Supplier

I have worked directly with the leadership of Seraworx for 15 years.  The principles of integrity, partnership, and innovation are the core of their culture and evident in all they do.